Home Lunch

Home lunches are not just for field trips.

At Windward Nazarene Academy our lunches are regulated by USDA’s National School Lunch Program, ensuring a healthy well balanced meal for your students. Some children just simply don’t like a certain lunch which is understandable. We gladly accept home lunch on any day here are some tips.


WNA is allergy aware meaning we kindly ask that you don’t pack any nuts, including tree nuts in your students home lunch. Some alternatives are Soy Butter or WowButter™ instead of peanut butter.


WNA has a local wellness policy so we suggest healthier snack options like muffins instead of cupcakes, or a hundred calorie pack of oreos instead of regular oreos.


Make it fun. Who said lunch can’t be fun? Parent Jon Eveland packs bento’s for his 3 children currently at WNA in environmentally sustainable re-usable ware. He uses cookie cutters to cut vegtables into fun shapes and even builds rice balls to look like animals. Like the bear in the picture above

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