Extra-Curricular is a term often used for activites after school. The current culture of busy is at an all time high, usually filled with Extra-Curricular activites. Some parents have it down to a science with no minute unaccounted for. As a parent this can all be intimidating and overwhelming so I asked some other parents how they tackle the monster known as extra-curricular activities.

Cathy, a parent of 3 boys said, “It is a juggling act. With 3 boys the name of the game is sports, sports, and sports.” She told us that she makes all her boys go to each others games and support each other in every endeavor they take on. The boys practice and warm up with each other on their own. This instills a support system in them that carries on to real life challenges, building things like work ethic up. Healthy competition is always good and translates to everyday life.

Kim, a current WNA parent answered, “JESUS…just Jesus.”

Truth is we all want what’s best for our keiki. I asked a bunch of parents why they do all of this, and keep such hectic schedules. The number one answer I got was because they love it. One parent told me,

Enjoy it while it last brah!

Plain and simple, it is all worth it if they are enjoying it and grow from it. There is so much to learn from experience like sports, dance, and arts.

Windward Nazarene Academy offers, extra-curriculars perfect for all ages. (Above) Brazhelya dances Hula led by Aunty Mavis, then heads to Volleyball practice (Below) after that. She also dances other genres for an outside studio. WNA has Art, Robotics, Hula, and participates in Lutheran School League sports including Volleyball, Basketball, and Cross Country. For more info on our extra-curricular activites check out our website by clicking the Home button above.


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  1. Jessica Tadaki

    Extra-curricular activities are just as important into molding our children to be well rounded students that will lead them to be successful adults!

    Children all have different interests that they may or may not enjoy, but to allow them that opportunity to seek their interests!!

    WNA has always had an Awesome Competive volleyball team in all our history. My oldest daughter found her passion for volleyball while attending WNA, and now I get to see my youngest daughter find the same passion for this sport!!

    It’s great to see our Blue Storm team off to a great start!!


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