Screen Time

I don’t know about you but my kids spend an alarming amount of time staring at a screen. Their screentime is spent mostly playing video games. With new crazes popping up daily whether it is a new map in Fortnite, or a legendary spawn on PokemonGo, either way a lot of time is devoted to gaming. When I was growing up on my nintendo an hour at a time was my limit and only on the weekends. I have witnessed my kids playing for over 4 hours straight so how much is too much when it comes to screen time. A study by theguardian stated, “For many parents in the digital age, battles over screen time and devices have become a depressing part of family life, and knowing how much is too much has become a moving target.” In other words there is no real answer so how do you manage? My wife and I have different approaches, safe to say she is the softy when it comes to that. I have a little more practical approach. If you can do what you need to do both in school and at home then you have the freedom to choose. What is your approach?

The tricky part of the screen time dilemma is when we come to things like school breaks. During the summer the kids have summer school, in the winter we are usually traveling visiting family, and spring break is taken up by church children’s camp. The odd man out becomes fall break, which for us is in between seasons for extra-curricular activities. When WNA was planning the school year schedule, specifically fall break, I decided to give my input. The school’s thought process was to offer something different, balancing fun and learning. The perfect combatant for excessive screen time over break. Here is what WNA came up with. This break we are offering preschool care based on curriculum taught by a licensed preschool teacher. Perfect time to catch up if they are behind, get ahead, and save you the stress of finding a baby sitter for two weeks. Grades Kindergarten through Third are being offered a “Look I can Cook” class. We have been testing recipes that can be made in the microwave, rice cooker, toaster, and other safer cooking options. Full meals your child will be able to prepare mostly on their own. Middle School will be working with Rasberry Pi™ doing everything from led wiring, to coding. This course will cover engineering, electronics, and basic coding. I heard they may even build a mini solar car. Check it out at WNA Hawaii

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