Fishing Tales

Growing up, I remember going to my grandma’s house for Sunday dinner and watching Fishing Tales. Although some people wouldn’t remember that show it is a memory I cherish. As my grandpa battled cancer he made it a point to teach me how to fish. No matter how sick he felt he would try his best to take me on the boat. After he passed, my dad and I would still go camping every month for Boy Scouts and we would go fishing and diving as much as we could. These are memories I still cherish today. Talk to my wife and she will call me an avid fisherman even though I may not get out as much as I would like to. All that to say when I got invited to today’s field trip I was stoked. 

Today Windward Nazarene Academy Kindergarten through Fourth Graders took a field trip to Hoomaluhia Botanical Garden. Nestled beneath the Koolau Mountain Range, Hoomaluhia besides being a beautiful garden also boasts a large, stocked reservoir available for weekend fishing. We got the rare opportunity to do some catch and release fishing during the week. Half of the students did a scavenger hunt filled with native plants while the other half was fishing and then they switched. It was a great time for families to get outside and enjoy some fresh air. Unfortunately, one of the biggest lessons taught today was that fishing is not the same as catching. Either way students and a lot of parent chaperones still got to enjoy a nice day in nature on our last week of the first quarter.


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