We’ve got Spirit

I wish I could say that Spirit Week 2018 went off without a hitch but it was more like a testament to the saying, “smooth seas never made for a skilled sailor.” Our vice principal Mr. Yoshida got called in for Jury Duty on the first day, we ran into all kind of time hitches, and field day got rained out. It was quick thinking staff, parent volunteers, and flexible students that made spirit week awesome. God’s presence was felt in every activity making it a successful week. Pictured above are the 2018 champions the Tridents (more than just a gum).
The theme of Spirit Week 2018 was Disney. We had chapel everyday and listened messages from the series God’s Magical Kingdom, which takes a journey through the Bible based on Disney movies. Each team was based on Disney characters, or movies. My personal favorite was Chillin’ Like a Villian, which was a family group led by Mrs. Perkins and Ms. Enos. Their leaders dressed as different Disney Villians everyday. Students went through activities and seminars based on the Disney theme. All in all it was a spirit filled week and a perfect way to start fall intersession.

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