Pi or Pie

This Fall Intersession, Windward Nazarene Academy decided to offer special courses for students. The unique opportunities has been not only a great time but a great time of learning. Last week, the 4th grade and up participated in a ‘STEAM’ course using Rasberry Pi. The younger students participated in a “Look I Can Cook” course.

Students in the Pi course used a Rasberry Pi and learned about basic electronics and sequential LED’s. The students even coded a RetroPi to play N64, Sega, and SNES games. I hear this week they will be working on a computerized solar car.

Students in “Look I Can Cook” prepared their own meals using reasonably safer methods. The first week menu included: nacho’s in the microwave with a homemade fresh salsa, an omelette in a rice cooker, grilled cheese with a toaster paired with tomato soup, BBQ chicken pizza on english muffins, and bacon and egg cups in a toaster oven. The students used herbs and vegetables from the WNA Garden and even made their own recipe book. Overall it was a fun

and yummy time.

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