Christmas Break

In fourth grade at a DOE Hawaii school my class voted on whether to change to a year round schedule. Before that Summer and Christmas break were long but spring break was a week, and there was no such thing as fall break. What are you doing this Christmas break? It seems short only at two weeks here but it sure always feels packed with stuff.

This break we have a Christmas Eve Service at Windward Nazarene Chapel. Then I will be off to Hilo to spend time with family and continue the feasting of holiday parties. Then, it is off to Maui for Unashamed Hawaii’s youth winter camp where I will be serving and also taking students to attend. All while doing my best to spread joy, ring in the new year, and not be broke from gifting traditions. I have yet to pull off that last one but I am getting better. The busier I get the more relevant the saying Jesus is the reason for the season becomes. I hope that all our Ohana has a great, more restful than stressful, and joyful Christmas break.

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