Blue Zone Certified

What if generations of people could live longer, healthier, happier lives? What if it wasn’t so hard to do because their surroundings made it easy? Leveraging secrets discovered in Blue Zones around the world—rare longevity hotspots—Blue Zones Project® is helping transform communities across the U.S. into areas where the healthy choice is easy and people live longer with a higher quality of life.

Windward Nazarene Academy had a ceremony officially naming the school a certified blue zone. It took work from our Principal, Kitchen Staff, Fab4 (local wellness program), and students and staff to achieve such a high honor. The programs the school was already doing in our Sustain WNA initiative, combined with creative new meals added to our menu, and innovative physical education all played an integral role in this certification. We served healthy snacks, including a kale spinach dip which featured kale and seasoning from our own garden. The opportunities for you to start living longer, healthier, and happier lives is in your hands, and we are always here to help.


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