Field Trips

Recently, someone asked me what my earliest memory was? I really couldn’t think of anything when I was a baby except for what I had seen in videos…vhs videos. So I thought about preschool I still remember my preschool teachers name and the thing I remembered the most was taking naps. I had one of those denim sleeping bags that my grandma had decorated with puff paint and let me choose iron on characters to put on it. I remember the playground, the rolling gate that locked us in when our parents dropped us off kicking and screaming, and I remember field trips.

The fire station was probably my favorite because it was right down the road from the school, so we got to walk. It was an older fire station that still had a fire pole and a dog. Although it was not a Dalmatian, I thought it was cool. They had the tall tower that they would hang the hoses to dry and they let us try on their turnouts and talk on their intercom. As a three year old that was inspiration for my second career choice, the first being a power ranger. WNA goes to all kinds of field trips and I don’t know which is my favorite. The top of my list would have to be middle school zoo scavenger hunt,dsc01511 preschool Kualoa Ranch learning center dsc01929, and elementary Hoomaluhia Botanical Garden.dsc01762 What was your favorite field trip growing up?


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