Brawn and Brains

As you may or may not know WNA has a local wellness program which is headed up by or committee aptly named the FAB4. One of the four “F’s” is fitness. We have a basketball, volleyball, and cross country team and physical education for all ages. In ancient Greece the connection between body and mind was central to their culture. Scholars competed in physical games, even marathons, while athletes engaged in socratic dialouge. It seems simple enough, healthy body, healthy mind.

How can we perpetuate this concept. Well at WNA we include not just sports, and exercise, but push for lifestyle changing habits. The students in upper elementary do circuit training that includes plyometrics and other activities to get them moving. We have clubs that are physical like boxing club for middle schoolers. The connection between brain and body is not lost here and could hopefully be a start to a healthier lifestyle overall.

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