Creating a Culture: Calling

In my current position as development director, one of the things I am tasked with “developing” is an identity. What makes Windward Nazarene Academy, Windward Nazarene Academy. As I sat back and observed I realized that it was more than a school we are an ohana, hence this blog. Deeper than that you will see that we are creating a culture of ohana in Christ. As a ministry, staff should feel called to what we are doing and that is really what is happening at WNA.

It has been said that it takes a village to raise a child, so what does it look like to raise a village of children? Well, I am not saying that we get it right every time, but we are constantly working towards that. I speak for myself but know it to be true of others this is not just a job to collect a paycheck this is a calling. Someone who is called to teach, has a passion for education and learning. This is shown in unity and the culture we are creating, but more importantly in the way the students leave this place. The rate of success for students once they leave WNA for high school, college, and society is astronomically great. We believe it is the culture we instill in them from the day they walk in here.

Pictured above: Principal Kay Hishinuma steps out of the office and into an outdoor classroom to show students how to clean fish. Getting her hands dirty quite literally for the purpose of teaching. This is not an uncommon occurance as we work towards creating a culture.

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