Creating a Culture: Compassion

This is somewhat unintentionally turning into a series on words that start with “C”. How do you create a culture of compassion? Jesus as the greatest example of how to live showed this very intentionally in everything He did. Windward Nazarene Academy strives to be a safe space for everyone and on top of that a compassionate ministry to all who come through our doors. The greatest commandment of all is to love God and love others. If we are ever known for anything I hope that is what we are known for. There are many ways that staff and students demonstrate this.

In the picture above, Ian who is in the seventh grade is reading to some of our preschoolers. This is a partnership that the older students chose. They decided to integrate it into their schedule where they read weekly with younger students, and no one on staff would oppose that. There are also compassionate ministries that students lead. For example, first fruits is an outreach to the schools in our community. Although it was started by our church, Windward Church of the Nazarene, it has become a huge school event. Students brought in hundreds of pounds of non-perishable foods, worked with counselors from other schools and put together boxes of donations. These were made for specific families who receive assistance during the school year but not much during breaks. Students have the opportunities and get excited as we create a culture of compassion.

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