What we learned: Day One

Well, yesterday was quite eventful. The day seemed to fly by and I admittingly couldn’t always keep up. We started the day with a first day back photo booth and more traffic than I was ready for. We got backed up to the road with parents not so ready to drop off their new students to school. I saw crying, screaming, and tantrums from parents and students alike, mostly parents. When classes finally got underway, students got past the, “Hey, how was your summer?”, and syllabi full of expectations were passed out, it had to be close to lunch. The groans from middle school could be heard across campus affirmed that, or maybe it was because of that one teacher who started the year off with a quiz, claiming it was an assessment. Either way, there is no denying that we are back in school. After the dust settled, I say that loosely it still has not, we tried something new in aftercare. It was chaotic, to say the least, but that is how we learn. My favorite part of first days has to be parents coming to pick up their new students who were crying when they got dropped off, who are crying about not wanting to be picked up.

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