Why read?

Research has recently come out about reading with your children through middle school. This does a couple of things, it increases their vocabulary, maybe yours too. When you read together you are learning together and hearing words that are not always in normal conversation adds to your overall vocabulary. I personally can’t imagine my 12-year-old twins sitting on my lap the way my 2-year-old does but it creates a special time together. As a part of, “One family one mission forever” these times that build relationship are key to development. Something else the twins do is finish books in what seems like 5 seconds. Reading together slows them down and increases comprehension that simply can’t be accomplished skimming or speed reading. This helps when they are working on their book project that they had the whole quarter the night before it’s due. Their comprehension of what they read really pays off. One of my favorite reasons is that it brings up topics that aren’t easily brought into the conversation. Having the “talk,” can be awkward but if it happens in a book you are reading it is an open door for a conversation like that or other challenging subjects like poverty or struggle as seen in Of Mice and Men. I don’t know if your child has come home with homework you don’t understand but reading and learning together definitely help me to be better prepared to help them with their work.

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