Brawn and Brains

As you may or may not know WNA has a local wellness program which is headed up by or committee aptly named the FAB4. One of the four “F’s” is fitness. We have a basketball, volleyball, and cross country team and physical education for all ages. In ancient Greece the connection between body and mind was central to their culture. Scholars competed in physical games, even marathons, while athletes engaged in socratic dialouge. It seems simple enough, healthy body, healthy mind. Read More »

WNA Chickens

The WNA Garden is full of life, including our resident chickens. Affectionately known as, “The Girls,” they love oats, fish food, and cuddles. All of them lay eggs, mostly daily, the students can tell who laid by the shape or color of the eggs. Students clean the coop, feed the chickens, collect eggs, and let them out to run around the garden. “The Girls,” have been a great addition to the WNA Garden.

Field Trips

Recently, someone asked me what my earliest memory was? I really couldn’t think of anything when I was a baby except for what I had seen in videos…vhs videos. So I thought about preschool I still remember my preschool teachers name and the thing I remembered the most was taking naps. I had one of those denim sleeping bags that my grandma had decorated with puff paint and let me choose iron on characters to put on it. I remember the playground, the rolling gate that locked us in when our parents dropped us off kicking and screaming, and I remember field trips.Read More »