Trunk or Treat

Tomorrow night would normally be Windward Nazarene’s 10.31 Fall Fest. It is both fortunate and unfortunate that we will not be doing that. Unfortunate because it was a great community event seeing about 600-1000 people each year as a safe alternate to trick-o-treating. Fortunate because not having Bay View and 10.31 opened up the door to a brand new event. Read More »


Sustainability has been a focus of WNA for a while now. Our garden has been at the center of that focus. Every class has their own garden bed and are a part of every step of that garden bed. We also have an aquaponics system that the students get to experiment with, learn about, and maintain. Part of sustainability is eating what you are growing and some of the 3rd and 4th graders got a unique first-hand experience.Read More »

Pi or Pie

This Fall Intersession, Windward Nazarene Academy decided to offer special courses for students. The unique opportunities has been not only a great time but a great time of learning. Last week, the 4th grade and up participated in a ‘STEAM’ course using Rasberry Pi. The younger students participated in a “Look I Can Cook” course. Read More »

Fishing Tales

Growing up, I remember going to my grandma’s house for Sunday dinner and watching Fishing Tales. Although some people wouldn’t remember that show it is a memory I cherish. As my grandpa battled cancer he made it a point to teach me how to fish. No matter how sick he felt he would try his best to take me on the boat. After he passed, my dad and I would still go camping every month for Boy Scouts and we would go fishing and diving as much as we could. These are memories I still cherish today. Talk to my wife and she will call me an avid fisherman even though I may not get out as much as I would like to. All that to say when I got invited to today’s field trip I was stoked.  Read More »