5 Questions Teachers Wish Parents Would Ask

Editor’s Note: The first time I went to a parent-teacher conference, I felt like I was being tested. It was great to check in to see how my child was doing, but when my daughter’s kindergarten teacher asked if I had any questions, I wasn’t sure I had the right ones. You don’t have to keep your interactions down to these scheduled meetings. Nathan Yoshida or Windward Nazarene Academy has a few suggestions that can help strengthen your parent, teacher and child relationship.Read More »

Fishing Tales

Growing up, I remember going to my grandma’s house for Sunday dinner and watching Fishing Tales. Although some people wouldn’t remember that show it is a memory I cherish. As my grandpa battled cancer he made it a point to teach me how to fish. No matter how sick he felt he would try his best to take me on the boat. After he passed, my dad and I would still go camping every month for Boy Scouts and we would go fishing and diving as much as we could. These are memories I still cherish today. Talk to my wife and she will call me an avid fisherman even though I may not get out as much as I would like to. All that to say when I got invited to today’s field trip I was stoked.  Read More »

Screen Time

I don’t know about you but my kids spend an alarming amount of time staring at a screen. Their screentime is spent mostly playing video games. With new crazes popping up daily whether it is a new map in Fortnite, or a legendary spawn on PokemonGo, either way a lot of time is devoted to gaming. When I was growing up on my nintendo an hour at a time was my limit and only on the weekends. I have witnessed my kids playing for over 4 hours straight so how much is too much when it comes to screen time. Read More »

In the Storm

Sometimes the outcome of a storm is worse than we expected, some times it is better. I think that we have dodged some bullets on the weather storm front but life doesn’t always shape up that way. We mention the anxiety of storms and trials in our last post check it out if you haven’t had the chance yet. Tropical Storm Olivia brought some wind and rain but we felt it was safe to come back to school today.Read More »


Extra-Curricular is a term often used for activites after school. The current culture of busy is at an all time high, usually filled with Extra-Curricular activites. Some parents have it down to a science with no minute unaccounted for. As a parent this can all be intimidating and overwhelming so I asked some other parents how they tackle the monster known as extra-curricular activities.Read More »